The Bumpkin Patch

Meet Kathleen Anderson, owner of The Bumpkin Patch. Kathleen has been a vendor at the High Springs Farmers Market since April of 2013. The Bumpkin Patch booth is a display of the many talents of Kathleen. In her booth, you will find: crotchet dishcloths, hats, bib aprons, tote bags, propane tank covers, grocery sack holders, quilted place mats and so much more.

"Handmade for the family and home" is the Bumpkin Patch guarantee. Here is Kathy's story of how it all began.

I do not remember when I learned to crochet or when I learned to sew. Most of my items are my own patterns. I was raised on a farm in Upstate New York. We used whatever there was at the time and our imagination. Feed sacks became school dresses. Worn out hand me downs became beautiful rugs for the cold floors. I learned how to make and fit a pattern from my Mom. She would see a dress in town that someone was wearing and could go home and cut a pattern out of newspaper (these were very carefully saved). Then she would cut the fabric and sew.

Soon she had a new dress that was the same pattern as the one she saw in town. People gave us clothes and my Mom refit them for us all to have a new wardrobe for school. Scraps went into the quilt bag and they became another beautiful creation to keep us warm. When I first learned to sew, I probably set a sleeve in a blouse a dozen times before I passed my Mom's inspection. She taught me so many little tricks and shortcuts.

I made clothes for my girls until they got big enough to want "store bought". When they got older, they wanted "Mom-made" again. Special occasions, like school dances, I would sew all night to make sure they got the dress they wanted. My Mom is gone now, but her teachings are not.

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